Rates & Insurance

Rates & Insurance

Individual Therapy and/or Couples Counseling is $150 per 50 minute hour.

Professional Life Coaching is $150 per 50 minute hour.

For programs such as Batterer's Intervention (BI), Child Abuse Intervention (CAI) and Anger Management (AM) there is a $135 registration - Enrollment fee.  This covers the $90 actual Intake fee and $45 file management fee. 

Workbooks for programs: Batterer's Intervention and Child Abuse Intervention ($60 + tax & shipping) = $79.79 

Workbook for the Anger Management Program ($50 + tax an shipping) = $68.99

Workbook for the Phoenix Program ($50 + tax and shipping) = $68.99

Group Fees: Batterer's Intervention, Child Abuse Intervention, and Anger Management group fees are based on a sliding fee scale ($25 up to $60 per group based upon gross household income).  Proof of income must be provided.  Fees may be paid weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  However, getting behind in your payments means risk of program termination. 

Registration & Enrollment fee for the Phoenix Program is $95.  Group fees for the Phoenix Program are $25.

All of the above programs may have scheduled 1:1 sessions and/or Exit Interviews = $90

If a program or service that you wish to attend is not listed on this page, contact our Operation's Manager @ 559.261.4008.

Collaborative Parenting Part I = $850.  A $250 deposit is required, and the client may make weekly payments.  For Parts II & III, there is a flat fee of $150 per 50 minute session (each party pays 1/2 = $75 per person per session.)

AHC does not accept insurance, employee benefit plans, medi-care, or medi-cal.  Please check with your carrier to see if they reimburse for mental health out of pocket expenses.  Services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefit plan.  Always check with your insurance provider before starting therapy and/or counseling if you are seeking reimbursement.  AHC can provide you a summary of services you have attended and fees you have paid. 

Reduced Fee
Reduced fee services are available on a limited basis.  There are no reduced fees for the Collaborative Parenting (The Co-Parenting) Program or Anger Management.

Pre-Paid credit / Debit cards, MasterCard and Visa accepted for payment.  (We do not accept cash and/or checks).  On the rare basis we may accept a money order.

Office Hours (Pacific Standard Time)

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday: By appointment only
Wednesday: 7:30 am through 7:30pm
Thursday: 7:30am through 7:30pm
Friday: 7:30am through 1:30pm (Afternoon by appointment only)
Saturday: 7:30am through 1:30pm (Afternoon by appointment only)

Cancellation Policy
If you do not show up for your scheduled individual appointment, and you have not notified us at least 24 hours in advance, you will be required to pay the full cost of the session.

If you contact AHC prior to your scheduled individual session (less than 24 hours, and cancel: this is a Late Cancel) = $45 fee.  Canceling more than 24 hour before your scheduled session - this is a regular cancel, and there will be no fee.

For groups, if you no show or decline your invite - you will be charged your group fee weekly unless special circumstances come up or you request AHC to close your file (prior to group).  There may be times that AHC may excuse your absence and not bill you.  For example medical emergencies with medical documentation.

Questions? Please contact Theresa for further information.