What's New!

Coming Soon!  Check-in with Theresa for status of our next class. 

AHC will be offering online 1 - 1 1/2 hour educational classes.  These live classes will include educational video, instruction, and discussion.

Cost: Just $10 per person per class.  Don't miss out on these great educational opportunities.  Must be prepaid minimum 24 hours in advance with a Debit or Credit Card.  AHC will send you an e-mail invite through our Telehealth site. 

Potential Topics:

How to change that Neon Sign on your forehead that keeps attracting the wrong kind of people.

25 questions you just might want to ask (and get clear answers) before sleeping with that person.  Otherwise" "Hello Family Court!"

Understanding what it means to really "GROW UP."  Applying the "GROW UP" skill including "FAST" and "BADD."

Understanding what is this thing called Co-Dependency (People Pleasers and Approval Seekers)

How to set Boundaries (A script to remember.)  Boundaries can the "CURE" for Co-Dependency.

Steps to "Effective Co-Parenting strategies after separation."  Using the "Four Agreements" and creating that business relationship.  In other words: "Being on team child."

Understanding what is Domestic Violence (Intimate Partner Violence)," Domestic Violence's impact on victims and children,  and steps one may take to increase personal safety (Safety Planning) as well as steps to "Stop One's Violence." 

The common forms of Domestic Violence (14 forms) and identifying perpetrator typology (batterers): Cobra vs. Pit Bull (& "Bonnie & Clyde perpetrators).  Identifying "Red Flags" prior to starting a relationship.

The real relationship between Domestic Violence & Alcohol - Drug usage.  Though perpetrators may blame alcohol for their Domestic Violence, the truth is that alcohol usage wont make anyone do anything that they have not already thought about.

Managing Anger (AHC's 3 part series: Cooling Your Jets)  Covering "GROW UP," BADD, Cues of Anger, Steps to the tool "Time Out," how to say an "Authentic Apology," and much much more. 

Learning to speak in a language of "Responsibility."  Recognizing and letting go of Defense Mechanisms such as Justification, Minimization, Blame, Denial, Rescue, and even Recruitment.

Understanding "Errors in thinking!"  And, why: "Errors in thinking almost always lead us into trouble!"

Making the Jahari Window work for you.

Communication skills: Red vs. Green words, tone of voice, body language.  Green words and behaviors help to reduce the other person's anxiety. 

Identifying "The Four Horseman" and applying their Antidotes: What may work in bringing your relationship back from the brink.

Parenting: Respect vs. Fear based parenting strategies... 

1) Parenting without Corporal Punishment - Mac Bledsoe's "5 Rules for parents" and his "Model of Human Performance."

2) Understanding Dr. Johnson's "Parenting with a plan."

3) Understanding Jane Majors "Breakthrough Parenting strategies."

and much much more.

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