Services Provided

All Services Provided Through on-line - Telehealth

Due to professional license restrictions, AHC may only provide Psychotherapy services within the state of California.  For Psycho-Educational services (classes) - we may provide services to anyone any where in the world. 

AHC is certified through Fresno County Probation to offer Batterer's Intervention (BI) Counseling (1st Offender and Repeat Offender for both male and female perpetrators).  Our BI program is considered "Evidence-Based" in that we researched (and continue to research) what may work and what doesn't, and incorporate(d) what works into our program.  Through pre-post testing (subjective & objective), our outcomes point to statistically significant positive client gains.   Also, if a referral presents as needing concurrent treatment - we will make the appropriate recommendations and/or requirements.  Our Phoenix Program is a 26-week version of our Evidence-Based Batterer's Intervention Program. 

Treatment specialization: For volunteers and/or court ordered:

    • Individual Psychotherapy - focusing on relationship issues:
      • Past traumas (Real and/or Imagined - i.e. Being cheated on and/or suspecting that you are being cheated on)
      • Anxiety and/or Stress Management
      • Self-esteem - Insecurities - Learning to change your neon sign!
      • Relationship issues including Co-Dependency and boundary setting
      • Issues surrounding Anger - Conflict Management - Separation
      • Work and Career issues
      • Parenting and Family Issues
      • And more....
    • Couples or Marriage Psychotherapy - Counseling
    • Life Coaching and/or Integrity Coaching (Psycho-educational services)
    • Relationship Rejuvenation™ - A 12 week program designed to help couples find that spark again.  (Psycho-educational)   
    • Parenting Through the Ages - a 12 hour parenting course held over two 6 hour days (Often 2 consecutive Sundays) (Psycho-educational)   We combine "Parenting with Dignity", "Breakthrough Parenting", and "Parenting with a Plan" with insights to build upon each strategy.

  • Treatment Specializations for primarily Court Ordered Referrals (and/or Volunteers)                                                          (Except for BI, these are all Psycho-educational services)
    • Batterer's Intervention (BI) (52 week program) - for either males or females - 1st Offender and Repeat Offender (Must have a referral to enroll)
    • The Phoenix Program: Learning to live & love without violence™ - A 26 week Domestic Violence program not to compete with Batterer's Intervention.  We accept volunteers and/or those referred from Court, Probation, and/or CPS.
    • Child Abuse Intervention (CAI) - 52 week program (We accept volunteers and/or court referrals)
    • Anger Management classes - Either 12 or 26 weeks  (We accept volunteers and/or court referrals)
    • Collaborative ParentingĀ® - A short term co-parenting program - we are approved providers through Fresno County Family Court  (We accept volunteers and/or court ordered referrals)  3 parts: 
      • Part I = For the individual - client attends three 2 hour private classes and 6 individual counseling sessions = total 12 contact hours (unless both parties sign up - this is as far as the referral gets --> Completion Report
      • Part II - If both parties complete part I, then they may move on to Part II = Conjoint Counseling (Usually 6 - 8 sessions)
      • Part III - Upon completing Part II - if clients wish, we set follow up sessions meeting monthly or every other month to maintain the positive co-parenting gains.
    • Court Assessments for Domestic Violence, Anger Management, Alcohol and/or Drug issues (We accept volunteers and/or court referrals)
    • Pathways Victim's Support Program (12 week program) for victims of Domestic Violence - either men or women  (We accept volunteers and/or court referrals)  Class meets 1 - 1 1/2 hours per week.
Our Modality:
Our staff are Eclectic in the services that they offer, and try to match the best modality to client needs.  Primary focus is of course Educational & Cognitive Behavioral.  However, we pull techniques & ideas from Reality Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), and more.